My wife is freaking out about the recent polls. Many of you might be feeling the same way, quite understandably. To see this as a crisis is to overlook the fact that it's an opportunity.

Nobody ever won an election because it was handed to them. She and I - and all of you - are descended from folks who refused to give up when the odds suddenly became longer.

I know what it's like to start canvassing at 10 AM on a weekend day when the mercury goes to 100 and beyond, in tandem with the concomitant humidity of the God-forsaken Midwest ... and not to quit until 9 PM. But I have no clue (and can never know) what it was like to sit in a vermin-infested British jail, with no hope of release, as her ancestors and mine did, in service of the Indian Independence Movement. This was an epic struggle that went on for centuries.

It is equally inconceivable for me to be privy to the thoughts in the minds of your ancestors who may have fought and died for hundreds of similar reasons over the centuries - whether it may have been the American Independence movement, the fight against the Nazis, or the battle against slavery. If I've omitted some critical causes, it is not for lack of concern or significance, but merely because it's impossible to list them all.

I swear to all of you who are reading this, and most importantly - to myself - that between now and election day, as long as I am able, I will run, walk, or crawl to every door that I can.

And I will knock it.

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