And I'm getting worried that we will do it AGAIN!!!!

Remember back in 1999/2000. We had a great candidate name Vice President Al Gore. The former president-Bill Clinton had at least at 45% approval rating, even after the Monica flap. The country was not in a state of recession and jobs were plentiful. In general, people were happy to be American's. The housing boom (later to be bust) just was getting started. My husband and I brought our first house and got married in 2000.

We were happy to go to the polls in November of 2000 and vote for Al Gore. I go back on that time and remember standing three hours in line to vote for Vice President Gore. I stayed up all night (knowing the race was tight but believing after 8 years of "Let the Good Times Roll) thinking, there was no way V.P. Gore was going to lose.

Well, we all know what happened that next morning and the three weeks thereafter. V.P. Gore lost on a election that should have been his on a silver patter. I know that this election was probably stolen but in the end, it is what it was. V.P. Gore was not president. Also, we lost the house and senate too.

Fast forward to 2003/2004. We had Kerry. Again, with a war in Iraq, jobs just beginning to leave little by little and the economic mess of the Bush years was starting to take its ugly form. Senator Kerry, someone I was not jumping in the sheets to vote for, seem stand-offish and scared to take on attacks against his character. He could not make a decision on the War in Iraq (for it, against it) and allowed the GOP to take his record of service for granted for weeks upon weeks before mounting a "too-late" attack.

Still I jumped into line and voted for Senator Kerry (this time my husband stayed home), hoping that the "tight" polls will pull out for him in the end. According to my memory, he was leading in Ohio and my thought was "Well if he wins OH, he will win the election, even with the tight polls". This one did not take all night like V.P. Gore's election. Kerry just lost...I know by only 100,000 votes give or take...but it is the state electoral votes that really counted and Kerry lost most of those. At least we did ALMOST get the house back -minus one Joe Lieberman and the soon injury to Senator Tim Johnson.

Well, really the congressional partial victory was not really a victory at all. Holding on to the Senate by one vote, the Democrats got "scared" of big, bad President Bush and refused to pull our troops out of Iraq, agreed with the President on the bankruptcy bill of all things and ran in the corner when it came to increasing funding for SCHIP-one of my FAVORITE bills of the Clinton Administration.

Now, we have Barack Obama. As a African-American female, I was and am still excited to finally have a real African-American candidate on the ticket. He took on the MSM, Hillary and Rev. Wright to rightful win the Democratic Nomination for President. He had a GREAT convention and managed to pick a V.P. candidate that is acceptable to most (he did lobby for that bankruptcy bill, I hate but I can live with that). Obama shares my position on taxes...rich pay more, upper middle class pay more, limited government and fiscal responsibility first!!

Then comes Caribou Barbie-Sarah Palin. She is like a overnight celebrity with the MSM and Obama too. He was "scared" too attack her in her first couple of days in the national spotlight. Caribou Barbie sure did not hold back attacking him. Remember her convention speech anyone??

The worst part is whatever stories (real ones) that are reported about Caribou Barbie, the MSM acts as if just because she is a white female, she should not be touch or send though the ringer that Obama was in for months and months on end. Today, the reports in the MSM is that 58% of white women are supporting her, regardless of her "issues" or lack there of.

Obama, for his part finally got on the train to attacking her four days ago but by then, she was a new "Rock-Star" that can do no wrong even after giving the same speech, over and over again (with a little changes here and there) but basically, she is a empty dress suit that fire up the base and have might have many people voting against there better interest because...no offense...she is white and Obama is half-white.

I think Obama is the best candidate since V.P. Gore but I am beginning to wrap my head around the idea that the best candidate is not who actually wins. If a percentage of the America public believes that A. He is not tough enough B. He is scared to fight C. He is too Black in Obama's case, it does not make a difference that we are facing the worst economic times since the Great Depression, we will vote against our interest then vote for the "Black Guy" and hope for the "Best".

With, it seems, more and more of this demographic is thinking this way..I see Presidential defeat on November 8, 2008 and maybe two more Democratic seats in the Senate for a net gain of three. These three seats will not stop a filibuster and we will be in for 4 more years of the last 8 years, but poorer, more homeless, less employed, more soup kitchen lines, no health care and higher taxes on the middle class. One more thing....no more "Right to Choose" in three years after the last four out of three Supreme Court Justices retire and McCain/Palin get to appoint their team (with the Democratic Congress rolling over again, just like they did in 2006-2008).

I live not far from Canada...that country is looking better and better. I have to get my passport ready quickly, since Bush will not allow me to pass the bridge across the water without a passport, for reasons unknown.

My two cents advice for Obama....If he does not start talking about the REAL reasons why these "White" women that the MSM seems to love talking about, are not voting for him (which is race, that's it and that is all) he will be another great candidate, in a close election, that can give a excellent speech...but will lose by 2:00 A.M. in the morning on November 9, 2008.

Thanks for reading and listening to my point of view.

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