JB Van Hollen, Wisconsin Attorney General and state co-chair for the McCain Campaign, wants to impede or disqualify new voters.  Under the guise of reducing voter ‘fraud’, Van Hollen wants to challenge all voter registrations made since Jan 01, 2006.  I fed the Google "McCain Campaign Wisconsin Co-Chair" (without "" of course) and got multiple references to Van Hollen being McCain's WI Co-chair.  Couldn't find a link on JohnMcCain.com but, you know, those intertubes...

The WI AG has filed suit against the Government Accountability Board for not cross checking new voter registrations against the WI DoT drivers license records.

Article in Journal Sentinel Online;

Article in Capital Times;

Neither article makes any mention of the number of fraudulent voters the AG investigated in the last few elections that have made this such a critical problem.  Was it thousands, hundreds, dozens..?  Furthermore, the AG is not really concerned with whether or not newly registered voters are eligible.  He just wants to make sure that the voter's registration exactly matches the persons Drivers License records.  

Tests of this system showed that 20% of registered voters didn't match their WI DoT records exactly.  This caused the Government Accountability Board to discard the requirement.  Makes sense to me.  No one should be taken off the rolls just because they left their middle initial off of one application or the other.  If one is Mike and the other is Michael, NO VOTE FOR YOU!!!

I do not believe the AG’s claims that this is a matter of pure law enforcement.  As a republican and McCain campaign state co-chair, there is an obvious credibility issue.  It smacks of impropriety.  

The Case will be heard tomorrow and I hope that the Judge in the case will agree that;

"Because two bureaucratic databases don’t match is no indication of any fraudulent voting," said Gordon Myse, a member of the Government Accountability Board.

Luckily, Wisconsin has same day registration so, if you get taken off the roles 'fraudulently', we can get you back on.  
Yes!  We!!  CAN!!!

Another bit of good news is that;

A status conference on Van Hollen's lawsuit is set before Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi on Sept. 19.

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