Please excuse the brief post, but the following remarks from Palin's event in Florida today need to be checked out asap, and I am hoping that the KOS community can help.  The quotation is from news.press.com   http://news-press.com/...

"In a theme Palin would pound home, GOP Chairman Jim Greer Greer(sic) said Obama and his running mate, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, have records of voting for higher taxes and have said on the campaign trail that they would increase regulation of financial markets."

If news-press is accurate, it is going to place the McCain campaign in a rather awkward position. Just where do they stand on regulation of the Markets on the eve of one of the most spectacular interventions in the Markets in American history? These comments are clearly critical of regulation.  Have Palin and McCain even talked? etc.

The MSM needs to pick up on this story if it is correct.


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