Global warming is real and we the people are to blame....
If this is so, why is it that at the same time we were experiencing a reduction in the ice caps so was Mars?
Why were Jupiter's moons melting? Are we responsible or is it a scam to regulate C02, hand us our carbon credits via a carbon credit card that we would have to get from a bank or a central bank like they have proposed in the UK? Look, how many scentist came out and said Global warming is caused by humans? Not very many if you compare it to the 31,000 scientists from the US alone that said it is not caused by humans. Google it youself. 31000 thousand scientists global warming and it will pop up. No, that is not the only evidence I have, although I would say that it is a pretty credible one. If you don't look and simply deny it, you are probably pretty sold and not open minded and that is dangerous. I once thought it was true but the facts show otherwise. Temperatures go up and then CO2 follows 200 to 800 years in tow. Did you know that the ocean is responsible for over 90% of the CO2? Maybe we should find a way to tax the ocean.  The sun goes in cycles of warming periods and cooling periods which affect our climate...Are we awake yet or will we let the bankers regulate and control this too?

Let's not allow Big Brother more control with another scam

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Global warming is real

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