John McCain is a heavy gambler. He repeatedly tries to showboat in order to win media attention if not votes. The more he trails behind Obama in the polls, the more desperate he will get.

I hope Democrats are ready for what would be the obvious McCain gambit at this point: filibustering the $700B Wall Street bailout legislation.

And why not? Why wouldn't he hold court on the Senate floor, talking as much as possible? The public hates this Wall Street bailout. Heck, I'd be rooting for McCain to bury this Wall Street welfare turkey, even while voting for the other guy.

McCain already said in the debate that he opposes pork and earmarks. The bailout is the mother of all earmarks.

So what does everyone think? Isn't this a predictable McCain move? Will Democrats be ready, and what will they do?

Originally posted to sipples on Sun Sep 28, 2008 at 07:42 AM PDT.


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