The Obama campaign certainly isn't leaving any stone unturned in Missouri with their community outreach. One of the largest communities out in St. Louis, is the deaf community, and I should know since I'm deaf. I was really excited when I read this article in the Fulton Sun about how the Obama campaign is reaching out to the deaf community through their volunteers by phonebanking.

Yes, you read that right. Phonebanking the deaf community--one may ask, how can that be done?

In the article, it can be done by reaching out by TTY, which is a special machine that allows you to connect to a deaf person by direct relay. The relay system by TTY, however, is becoming antiquated with the advent of video relay systems and internet relay, which is what I use since I'm oral and can't sign very well.

This is really big news for the deaf community in Missouri. There are over 200,000 people with a hearing impairment there, and they're usually never contacted by presidential campaigns. It's also interesting this is being done in the suburban areas near St. Louis. The Obama campaign must be trying to keep John McCain from running up the votes in the counties outside of the urban areas.

This sort of strategy in reaching out to the deaf community could easily swing over 70,000 votes. I'm proud that the Obama campaign is doing this, and it really matters to us in the deaf community.

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