In an attempt to point out something I found on the fox news web site, I made a diary entry that was less than polished. [OK it sucked] I apologize.
I still feel that people should be aware of tactics that are bing used to try an manipulate the public.

I spotted an advertisement on the fox news web site that was posing as a "quiz" to help you decide if you should vote for Obama and selling a Obama "exposé" book.

The site is called "Barackobamatest"


  1. Some say Barack Obama’s plans to implement sweeping environmental regulations will raise the cost of gas, groceries, heating and air conditioning. Do you favor or oppose Obama’s environmental plans?

I decided to see who was pushing this. using the wonders of whois and google I came up with the following.

PM Consulting Corp.
Company Description: Services: Nonprofit and political campaign creative and strategic consultants with experience in financial management of Republican senators' and governors' campaigns, fund raising for PACS and other organizations, lobbying and public affairs counseling, telemarketing inbound and outbound, voter registration and turnout programs, and seminar and convention management, and events fundraising.

This leads me to believe that this site is not truly an "advertisement" for a book by someone with a legitimate problem with Obama, but a totally political attempt to bias and mislead the public.

I think its something people should look into and I am quite sure Fox news has a fairly good idea what advertisements they run on the front of their web site.

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