Please note I'm not posting this, my maiden diary, to attract snarky remarks or to get sent to the political lightweight corner. You good people are wonderful and often hilarious with your comments. Truly, I've laughed to the point of tears with some of the wise cracks and comebacks I've read here. Here's hoping y'all will have a little fun with what I'm about to reveal. But it sure did spook me.  

So, without further ado and with due respect to the Kos rules of brevity...

Sometimes – this is serious now – and this only happens on a Blue Moon, I'll get this sudden flash in my mind; it's like a fleeting premonition. There are times, my friends, when these premonitions have come true, days, even months, later. I saw McCain wearing that cheesy smile, walking along with a new spring in his diminuitive gait. Then came the frightening picture. He has just been informed that the FIX is in! The machines, and carefully targeted purging, he is told, will ensure his victory on November 4. He will carry Ohio, Florida, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Georgia. He feels all warm inside. He is whispering to himself, "All hail to the new Commander in Chief."

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