I usually only get to Listen to Randi Rhodes for about an hour a day. Off and on I get the hour that she goes into in-depth discussions of the election-fraud that is being perpetrated by various agents of the republican party (different states, different agents). She references Bradblog a lot, and in, fact Brad Friedman has substituted for her and other liberal talk radio personalities.

Today Randi had Brad on the air to discuss the ever-present problems with election-fraud. I had time to go on his blog to read what he has to say, and despite the horrible lay-out, with quotes like this

The GOP's October "Surprise" continues...Even as it's no surprise at all that they are hoping to cause absolute bedlam at the polls. They are off to a good start, as the Democrats seem to be caught flat-footed, despite years of warnings about all of this.

I started to get quite paranoid.  

So I'm thinking, ok, this stuff (at least to me) is not on the front burner of what I'd call the big progressive blogs. I understand that the traditional media won't discuss it, that's a given. However, there has not been as much play as I might expect. So my thoughts are this:

  1. Brad is correct in bringing up all of these problems, and they are problematic - but in the end there will unfortunately be disenfranchised voters (which is very bad), but won't stop Sen. Obama from winning.
  1. Brad is correct the Democratic Party is not on this problem, but Sen. Obama and his crew are on this like they are on top of everything else. They know where the problems are and are watching the game like any good chess player, and they will make the move when the time is right.
  1. Brad is right, and because of election-fraud, McPalin will win 270 to 268 with a either a small plurality or a minority of voters, and we are in for four years of insanity.

Personally, I try not to be paranoid (ok, I'm already paranoid about this) about all of this - I'm thinking (hoping) that the Obama campaign is watching this and is aware of the issues surrounding election-fraud and that they understand they will have to take steps (soon) so that the election is fair (at least not a nightmare). I have to believe this otherwise the scenario is bleak and Brad himself makes November four sound like it's going to be a really, really bad day (after which we all look back a fivethirtyeight.com and ask ourselves, "what happened?"

I'm just a high school teacher - I spend most of my day in a classroom teaching literature to kids who would rather do anything but. I try to send them out ready to go to college. This is my first diary, and I'm not even sure that it's a diary. I suppose the operative question is "what will happen on November four (in terms of election-fraud)?"

Also, if you have any suggestions about my first diary, please feel free to give guidance (I won't take offense).

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