Polls in MD-01 (Frank Kratovil versus Andy Harris) are a few and far between, it seems. Frank is a Democrat; Andy is a Republican.

Harris is a tax-cut Republican largely supported in his primary by the Club for Growth. Frank is a moderate Democrat who has been endorsed by outgoing Congressman Wayne Gilchrest. Harris beat Gilchrest in the February primary; allegedly, 9-term incumbent Wayne is too Marxist for the Republican party.

The result has been an Eastern Shore rebellion of sorts by Republicans. For example:

Republican Anne Kimberly hosted her first fundraiser for a Democrat on Friday. It was for Congressional candidate Frank Kratovil ... Kimberly's first husband was Rep. Rogers Morton (R-Talbot County), who represented Maryland's 1st Congressional District in the 1960s and early 1970s.

See: http://www.politickermd.com/...

I went looking for polling info and came up with one Andy Harris poll (July) and a Frank Kratovil poll released today.

The latest polling Google could uncover for Harris dates to July 15.

An undated blog entry refers to a poll linked here.

Arthur J. Finkelstein & Associates polled 300 registered voters for Harris' campaign on 7/15. MOE ±5.65%.

General Election Matchup (With leaners)
Harris ........ 44
Kratovil....... 28

Kratovil's October poll is linked here.

Poller GarinHartYoung surveyed 401 likely voters in Maryland’s 1st District  October 6 and 7. MOE ±5%.

All Voters    /    %
Frank Kratovil...... 43
Andy Harris ........ 41
Undecided .......... 16

According to this poll, he "maintains a solid profile that is nearly two to one positive, despite withstanding several weeks of television attacks by the Harris campaign. By contrast, Andy Harris has a polarizing image of 27% positive and 27% negative ... Kratovil leads Andy Harris by a strong 50%-to-21% margin among registered independents. ... among the electorate who know BOTH candidates, Frank Kratovil holds a double-digit 50%-to-39% lead over Andy Harris."

For those who are interested, their Salisbury debate two weeks ago will be shown at www.PAC14.org - October 14 at 8:22 p.m. (Eastern). Check the Web site for other times.

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