John Mccain is in the last throes of his unliked campaign. he has done the stunts with picking an unproven and equally unvetted running mate, Palin, in order to drum up support from former clinton supporters, he has tried to play kingmaker by "suspending" his campaign to NOT help with the wall street crisis, and he has tried to change the subject from the economy (which he is weakest) to Obama being an unknown (even though Obama has been at this for a year and some change now.) Now, with the election slipping away, he wants to open up really, really, old cans of worms with William Ayers and Rev. Wright, even though pundits in his own party are saying that this strategy will cost him votes.  

here's why Ayers and Rev. Wright won't work

Ayers and the Weather Underground were domestic terrorist that killed no one, and they did what they did in protest of the Vietnam war. Obama wasn't involved with Ayers or the Weathermen, nor has Ayers had anything to do with his election to any office. You couple that with the fact that even the most ardent red-stater is going through a rough economic patch based on what is happening on Wall Street, and they don't have the patience to sit and dissect the relationship between a former radical and a man who was eight when he was blowing up empty bathrooms. If Ayers comes up in the last debate, look for Obama to finally put this subject to rest. oh, and BTW, how bad does it make McCain look when he has to admonish his own supporters for calling for the death of a man, when they (McCain and Palin) both brought up the subject in the first place.

as far as Rev. Wright

It doesn't make much sense to call Obama a Muslim, then say he is the acolyte of a US hating christian pastor. When Clinton said it, it was timely but not very effective. Plus, with Obama renouncing Wright, and Wright not being in the spotlight anymore, it smacks of old news. once again, red staters are looking at their bills and their wallets and looking for answers. will another dose of Wright be the answer they want? No. McCain can pursue this, and he will once again lose that all important independent voter.

In my humble opinion, McCain is going to get his head handed to him.  

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