That is the exact headline on the Wisconsin Department of Justice home page. It's in the bottom right corner under "DOJ in the News". This must be important, right? Maybe Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen was right to sue the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board and gum up the works just in time for the November 4th election. Then again, maybe not.

Seems Van Hollen had his boys work with the Milwaukee District Attorney to crack down on "election fraud." Problem is, there was no election fraud. There was one person charged with "falsely procuring voter registration", five weeks prior to the election. Details here (PDF)

This is typical of Van Hollen. He has frequently mischaracterized a few suspicious voter registration forms as "Voter Fraud" or "Election Fraud" to justify the disenfranchizing of thousands of Wisconsin's younger and minority voters. He used the same tactic to describe the 2004 Milwaukee voter problems. This case is no different.

The alleged crime involved 27 forms, all submitted by one Special Registration Deputy, that allegedly list non-existent addresses and/or driver license numbers. Some forms allegedly list "persons that do not appear to exist", however that is determined.

Note that not one fraudulent vote was cast. There was no election fraud. The lone "falsely procuring voter registration" charge will probably be dropped because "Wisconsin law does not permit an SRD to verify any information provided by the registering voter". Got that? The Deputy was not allowed to verify the data, yet is being charged with a crime.

As evidence of the witch-hunt tactics and trumped-up charges, note that this was the only charge to date stemming from a referral of thirty seven Special Registration Deputies in Milwaukee. The press release claims that the other investigations are pending.

"Pending" is Van Hollen-ese for "will be quietly dropped after the election."

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