38 years ago, I was born from the greatest mother and father that I could have ever asked for.

27 years ago, I began to take notice of politics when I heard the news of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.

21 years ago, I defined myself as a Republican because of Reagan’s "Tear down this wall" speech in Berlin.

20 years ago, I cast my first ever vote in this country for George H.W. Bush.

17 years ago, I took great pride in our victory in Iraq to liberate Kuwait, for the "sake of freedom".

16 years ago, I cast my second vote for George H.W. Bush.

15 years ago, I first listened to Rush Limbaugh, and learned the true evil of the liberals and their agenda.

10 years ago, I celebrated the downfall of Bill Clinton, and took pride in his impeachment.

8 years ago, I voted for George W. Bush and celebrated the Supreme Court decision that ended the election.

7 years ago, I was horrified by the despicable attacks on September 11th, and I applauded the quick and decisive retaliation in Afghanistan.  The pride in my country had never been higher.

6 years ago, I began to watch Fox News on a regular basis to get "fair and balanced" reporting.

5 years ago, I paid close attention to the Bush administration’s case for War against Iraq.  Things did not sit right with me, and I was deeply disturbed by what I was seeing and what I had concluded was a manufactured path to war.  Later that year, I watched my country invade a nation that did not attack us.

4 years ago, I voted for John Kerry, not because I liked him, but because I had come to detest the Bush administration.

3 years ago, I watched my last Fox News broadcast, and began to use alternative mainstream media sources.

2 years ago, I began to consider who I would be supporting in the next presidential election, leaving any possibility open.

1 year ago, I started to really listen to what Sen. Barack Obama had to say, and I began to feel something I have never felt from a presidential candidate before – Inspiration.

10 months ago, I realized I had found a candidate that I truly believe in, despite the contradictions with the conservative political principles that I held.

7 months ago, I discovered The Daily Kos... and I began to finally learn...

6 months ago, for the first time in my life, I donated to a political campaign.  Not just with money, but with legwork.  I, a Republican, was working for a Democratic campaign to get people registered to vote.

5 months ago I began to get angry at the ignorance around me, and the fact that I had been a part of it.

4 months ago, I celebrated with great joy Sen. Obama’s victory in the primary election.

7 weeks ago, I was filled with joy and pride as I watched Sen. Obama’s acceptance speech at the convention.

5 weeks ago, I was convinced that I could never consider myself a Republican again.

2 weeks ago, any lasting fondness I had for conservatism principles with respect to our economy was washed away forever.

1 week ago, I got the news from my parents that they had registered to vote – something they have never done in my lifetime.  The reason was because, in their words, "It was much too important to make sure Barack Obama gets elected".  I don’t mean to diminish any of the other incredible things that my parents did for me in my life, but for some reason, I don’t know if I have ever been any prouder of them.  

5 days ago, I began to see some truly disgusting ugliness and divisiveness that was being clandestinely promoted by the McCain / Palin ticket – Something that I am ashamed to think I would have enjoyed to watch years ago.

2 days ago, I couldn’t sleep at night, thinking about how awful it would be if John McCain and Sarah Palin somehow won the election.

Last night, I realized that I had to do much more than be an observer.  I now realize with distinct clarity just how ignorant I had been in the past – not because of intelligence, but because of apathy.  I see so much of what I once was in the people all around me, and that saddens me to no end.  

The Republican and conservative causes that I used to believe in are forever dead to me, and I want to break their backs.

Today, I decided it was time to make a life long commitment to push for a progressive agenda in our nation...

...and I will do so until I take my last step on this earth.

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