Don't make me come back there. You know I love you. You know you'll always be my home. But what is it about whackos that just so enamors you? This is what you chose to send to DC:

KTVB reporter Ysabel Bilbao was interviewing Walt Minnick's campaign director John Foster Wednesday afternoon. During the interview, someone loudly yelled and was laughing during the interview at the Grove plaza.

Bilbao and Foster initially ignored the intrusion, but quickly noticed the source of the heckling -- Sali and members of his staff.

Is that really how you want your Congressman to behave? Are you really okay with that?

Now I know you love your characters, from Helen Chenoweth and her canned salmon to George Hansen, almost reelected just before he was sent to prison. Is it that you have so much disdain for government that sending these people who are incapable of anything but stupid stunts and grandstanding you're making some kind of nose-thumbing statement? Don't even make me talk about Larry Craig.

You do realize that you're paying for it, right? You're paying for it by having not only a laughingstock representing you, but in his complete inability to actually do anything of substance to help the state.

But you're paying for him, too, all of you who hate having to see any of your hard-earned dollars going to the government. Your taxes are not only paying him to serve in Congress, but paying for his campaign, too.

Three members of Idaho Rep. Bill Sali's congressional staff are also now campaigning for his reelection, with at least two of them still drawing some kind of government salary.

An online Sali campaign roster, stamped "completely confidential," lists Wayne Hoffman, Tina Jacobson and Jonathan Parker, respectively, as campaign media manager, North Idaho campaign director and campaign strategist.

Meanwhile, on the congressional salary database Legistorm, the same three individuals are shown to have pulled down federal salaries through the reporting period ending in June (the latest available).

It is not illegal for congressional staff members to "donate" their time to reelection campaigns. But House rules are clear that any campaign work should either be done on the staff member's "own time" unless the staffer takes a leave of absence or reduces his or her work to half-time status.

That campaign page has since been taken down, but New West has a screen shot of it.

That means he's stealing from you, Idaho. Are you really going to put up with that?

Time and time again, you throw over the tradition of electing real statesman--William Borah, Cece Andrus, Frank Church--to send in the clowns. Why? These are exceedingly serious times. You don't have to look any farther for proof than at Micron, of your largest employers and leading businesses. It's struggling, having to lay off 1,500 workers--1,500! Do you think Silly Bill Sali is going to be able to do a damned thing to help those people? To do anything to position Idaho for the financial storms that are going to keep coming?

Please, people, for once think about doing what's best for the state. And for all you people like me, you Idaho expats, send some money home, help the Idaho Dems get the word out to early voters about their choices this election. And talk to your friends and family back home. Idaho deserves so much better.

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