Update, 10:26 AM PDT: You guys just passed the $100,000 goal. You are awesomely unbelievable. ALL that is going to be matched by Steve Bing. I can't even begin to imagine what the total will look like by the end of the day.

Go for broke, people, and let's see what we can rack up by the end of the day.



Consider this a special edition of Hell to Pay, for a very special cause.

Last night, Daily Kos users made history. The most successful Hell to Pay fundraiser we've ever sponsored was held--as of this writing at 8 AM Sunday morning on the West Coast, more than 1,400 individual donations have been made and more than $80,000 has been raised. And I'm sure by the time this posts, those numbers will be outdated.

The issue that caused such a tremendous outpouring from this wonderful community was fighting the gay marriage ban in California, a proposition on the November ballot that's being funded and pushed by evangelicals all across the nation.

Last night, we pushed back. And we can continue to do so today. Luckily, this gift still holds today:

Any donations that are submitted to "No on 8" before Sunday night will help the campaign meet an amazing $1 million matching grant by philanthropist Steve Bing and Equality California.

Using the Orange to Blue donation page will qualify for Bing's matching funding!

Let's see if we can raise $100,000 by tomorrow morning. When we began this drive, we'd already raised $27,000, so let's see if we can push our total--which stands at more than $110,000 as I write--to $127,000.


If you haven't given yet, please consider contributing today. The issue of gay marriage is, as so many have pointed out, the civil rights issue of our time, and with Steve Bing's generous matching, we have the opportunity to make our donations go twice as far, all in the cause of justice.

Daily Kos efforts have not gone unnoticed by the Equality for All campaign, as evidenced by by their enthusiastic "Thank You" recorded yesterday at the phone banking project in the San Francisco office:

And if thanks alone don't move you, please go read this heartfelt appeal from kos himself.

Remember, using the Orange to Blue donation page will qualify for Bing's matching funding! It will also help the Daily Kos community reach our new goal of raising $1.5 million for our candidates and causes in this year's election cycle.


Don't ever forget what we're up against here. The other side is playing for keeps. Well, so are we.


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