I'm sure most of you remember the man from Indiana that spoke as one of the "everyday Americans" during the Democratic National Convention.  His name was Barney Smith, and he got up there and told a mostly bland, sometimes wincing recollection of how the RCA plant in his hometown --where he had worked for 31 years-- had left the country, and left his particularly local economy decimated.

I was just sitting there thinking, as a Hoosier, "Oy!  This is who they got to represent Indiana?" when Mr. Smith brought down the house with his line, "It's time we had a President who puts Barney Smith before Smith Barney!"

I remember hanging out on here, and everyone loved the line.  Short.  Sweet.  Memorable.  Perfect embodiment of Obama's Wall Street vs Main Street arguments.  Everyone agreed, it needed to be an ad!

Well, guess what?

Apparently Barney Smith is such a big gun, they have saved him for close to last!  Just saw over on AMERICAblog that the Obama campaign has a new, official Barney-freakin'-Smith ad out.  

Barney is fantastic.  Tells his story, tells how McCain supports more of those policies, and rolls out his killer zinger from the Convention, all in under thirty seconds!

All hail the return of Barney Smith!


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