Greetings from Northeast Tennessee!
At the suggestion of A. Whitney Brown, from Air America, who is here with us at our local campaign headquarters, we are calling for your help!  Northeast Tennessee, specifically the Tri-cities has long been heralded as a Republican strong-hold, but thanks to the grassroots movement supporting John Kerry, advocating regime change from the Bush Administration and trying to educate our community on progressive views of the issues, we are making a difference.
The latest from the streets is that we WILL carry the Kerry/Edwards ticket in our county and we have worked to close the gaps in the state-wide polls to 49-48% favoring Bush - but we have hope for better.
We have just received the latest lists from our election commission that have the names of newly registered voters in Washington County and were excited to see names of likely Democrat voters totaling over 177 pages!

With this renewed desire for change, sadness in the current direction of our country with the Bush administration at the helm and a positive view of the future WHEN John Kerry is elected - we are "amping" up our efforts to make this a reality!
We are tired of the staus quo, being led "like sheep to the slaughter" and are determined to make a change!  And its paying off!  But, we need your help!
Please contact our campaign headquarters at email kerryheadquarters@charter.net

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