I've had enough; I'm hereby calling on backup!  As an Augusta, Georgia native, I've just "allowed" the Augusta Chronicle to be the right-wing-leaning publication that is, hoping that people were smart enough to think for themselves.  That was a bit idealistic, though; to presume people were free-thinkers in your hum-drum medium-market southern G.O.P. haven.  I want your help; this publication cannot be allowed to get away with the letters they allow to be published, nor the editorials they print on a daily basis.  Blog with me, people; e-mail your letters to them, too.  Most of all, let's EXPOSE this travesty of a publication for what it is - a right-wing fish-wrap.

I know; newspapers all over the country have their political leanings, so on the surface, this paper should be no different.

But in Tuesday's Chronicle, the following will appear....

  1. A Letter to the Editor from an assumed Navy veteran who claims that Barack Obama can't recieve security clearance because of his dealings with a "terrorist."  It's HERE
  1. Another letter from an 88-year "lifelong" Democrat who wrote in to proclaim that he couldn't support Obama, because he lacks experience (though he cites his past adoration for the MUCH-experienced John F. Kennedy???), and then goes on to cite "bomb-throwing terrorist and personal friend of his" William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, ACORN, and Tony Rezko.  All that, from a "lifelong" Democrat.  What "lifelong" Democrat devours all the G.O.P. talking points like appetisers at a Fit Camp?
  1. An editorial piece (by the unnmaed editorial page editor) proclaiming that the "media" misses the point about (Sam)"Joe the (unlicensed) Plumber" because the media didn't focus on Obama's answer to Sam/Joe, but instead honed in on Joe's not really BEING a plumber, Joe's not being anywhere near ready or able to "buy" his plumbing business, or how Joe would actually BENEFIT from Obama's tax plan, as opposed to McCain's.  In THIS piece, the "author" manages to get in some digs at the media's "attacks" on Sarah Palin and manages to even list the media's "unfair" focus on "First Dude's" secessionist ties.

Folks, take a peruse through this paper's archives on their website and witness, for yourself, how AWFUL this paper's editorial leanings are, how RARELY you'll find letters printed that differ from the editorial board's ideology, and the sheer OUTLANDISHNESS that they write and publish!!!

Then, attack!  Blog your hearts out, people.  Write letters yourself; you can submit them on their website (God konws I've tried, and my writing skills aren't lacking, I don't believe after all, I wrote FOR this newspaper part-time in high school and college).  

This newspaper needs to be exposed; it's no WONDEr Georgia remains a "red state" when the state's second-largest metropolitan area is served by only one daily publication, and that publication abuses its place in the community like it does.

Originally posted to SouthernDemRon on Mon Oct 20, 2008 at 09:58 PM PDT.

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