bake saleHere we are, and in just over 2 weeks, it will all be over and we can get back to our "normal" lives –- whatever that may be.  But for the next 14 days, we have A LOT OF WORK to do, and our candidates and causes need us now like they’ve never needed us before.

What are the last 2 weeks of campaigning like?  In a word, brutal.  For those on the ground, no one gets any sleep; junk food is the norm; nerves get frayed; and sometime battle plans created and executed beautifully for months get thrown out the window.  The one constant for all the down-ticket races, the one problem every single one of our down ticket candidates is facing, the one thing in short supply (besides time): money.

So Follow me below the fold for the links to the first of the Bake Sale Diaries...

This week at Progressive Blue, we are focusing our attention on the candidates we believe deserve not just your vote and your vocal support, but the money that will allow them to make it through these last 2 critical weeks successfully.

The links to each Bake Sale Diary published earlier this week will be published below every morning this week during the First PB Biennial Candidate & Cause Bake Sale!

Andrew Rice - OK-Sen  (by OklahomaVoter)

Larry Kissell - NC-08  (by OneCarolinaGirl)

Faye Armitage - FL-08  (by edgery)

Jeff Merkley - OR-Sen  (by sarahlane)

Each diary has links to at least one donation site as well as the candidate's own website link as well!

Let's give these guys a leg up if we can, with word of mouth, volunteering, and donations if you're not too recessed from the recession...

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