From the day that John McCain first announced his pick of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate, I felt uneasy.  Of course it was prior to Katie Couric and 3rd grader Brandon Garcia, so little did I know what was coming.  However, I just had a bad feeling about the whole scenario.  Who was this woman?  Why does SHE of all people, who I have never heard of, deserve to be MY Vice President?  I am pretty "up" on politics and political happenings each and every day, and I have NEVER heard of this woman.  So then the guilt set in for me.  As a woman, how could I instinctively not be supportive of another woman, who like me was a so called "sports mom"? Good for her for trying to have it all. The guilt also set in when I opposed her at first solely for her wanting a job that would completely take her away every day from her 5 beautiful children.  I am a special needs mom, and I couldn’t understand how this woman could possibly be there for her special needs child, as well as her older children, when she is so consumed with being the Vice President, not to mention still the governor of her state. Now I know that these things are not politically correct to say, but it is honestly how I, and probably many other people felt.  

Oh, how things have changed.  Although the thoughts mentioned above are still in the back of my mind, I like others have realized the danger of having this woman in the White House for totally different reasons.  First, I find it difficult to have someone in the White House who does not understand the Constitution.  If you don’t know what your role is as defined in the "Law of the Land" then you should not be hired.  As a reformer, who wants to make the government run the way it was supposed to, knowing her legal role should be the best memorized answer she has ever had in her head.  If you do not know your job description, then you cannot do your job correctly.  Also, the fact that this woman is on television responding the question asked by a 3rd grader, who will be seeing her give her answer, is just sad.  As a teacher, I find it horrific that a 3rd grader will get a completely inaccurate answer from someone with such power.  This is not the demonstration of power that we need to teach our children.  

Second, I find it disgusting that Governor Palin seems to be so ignorant, not just of the constitution, but of the rules of her own state.  To find out that she doesn’t seem to mind passing off the bill to the taxpayers for her children to fly around with her is just not right. If you want your kids to come, then pay for them yourself! I would say that would be pork, and requires a reformer!  It just goes to show that when it comes to Governor Plain’s own "house" she can’t keep it clean, so there is no way that we can trust this woman to clean-up Washington’s "house".  

Now although I think some RNC contributors have reason to be pissed off that $150K as been spent on her wardrobe and makeup for 2 months, I can’t say that I blame them for having to spend this.  Have you seen what she wore before she was nominated?  Take a look at the speech to the Alaska Independence Party. She looked like the crazy lady at the grocery store who wanders around looking for her car (even though she took the bus). So I don’t blame them for sprucing her up a little.  Getting the male "sexy mamma" vote can sometimes make a difference I guess!

Lastly, the fact that the Right has made such a HUGE deal about William Ayers and "anti-American" feelings, while Governor Palin is married to a man who, for 7 years was actually a member of the Alaska Independence Party, whose founding leader, Joe Vogler, was truly was Anti-American (he proudly wore this title) and wanted to actually succeed from the United States.  I would say that sitting on an education board with a former terrorist is probably not as bad as actually being married to a man who willfully signed up for a party founded on the premise of hating America so much that they no longer want to be associated with it.  I think the left as failed on getting this information out there.  I would say that if you "love America" so much, you don’t want to secede from it. We all may joke about running to Canada, but very few of us actually join a party that literally wants to leave.

This woman is toxic.  She is the "cancer" that David Brooks referred to her as being.  There is nothing good that can come from this woman.  She has separated this country.  She has encouraged this race, whether on her own, or pushed into it by handlers, to go downhill.  She wears the label of "pit bull" proudly, and there is nothing good that can come from this for America.  

Originally posted to Political Mamma on Wed Oct 22, 2008 at 12:36 PM PDT.

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