By now we've all received the infamous robo-calls from the three tenors --McCain, Giuliani, and Ridge-- warning Americans that Obama is synonymous with terrorism, that Obama might be a terrorist, or will somehow lead to terrorism. Even though a majority of the public-at-large's resounding "WHO CARES!" has drowned out McCain's b-side track, the hapless "Obama Terrorism" refrain in three-part harmony persists.

"Tom Ridge, who identifies himself as "America's first Secretary of Homeland Security," [on] the call suggests Obama would "give traditional civil rights to terrorists and talk unconditionally to dictators and state sponsors of terror." (HuffPo). Give me a break- what leader in their right mind would give "traditional civil rights" to convicted criminals. Tom Ridge's script is unintelligent and written to appeal to people who believe the legal term "civil rights" is synonymous with black people. And if McCain wants to "go there," if he really wants to go there before he spams us with anymore robo calls, let's ask him what would happen if-- God forbid-- there was an "incident" and we ended up with Sarah "I don't know a bordeaux from a claret" Palin, in charge?

McCain (via his handlers) just doesn't get that continually hammering Americans about the possibility of being "jacked up" if he's not standing guard at the door is like hammering a recovering rape victim when she/he tries to go out on a date. These robo-calls are not only attacks on Obama, they're attacks on the American people. And because of McCain's refusal to focus on the issues that matter at this critical time in US history, he has caused the Republican party in its current form -- including down-ticket candidates -- to unwillingly write the final chapter of their demise.

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