A lot of good teaching goes on at dailyKos.  But a lot of it doesn't get read by everyone who wants to read it, because diaries scroll by so fast.
This series is about diaries that teach and about things you want to learn.  Could be any subject - an academic subject, a skill, a hobby, almost anything - but not diaries that simply inform, or it would include all of daily kos.

I will also include diaries about teaching and education

A big Thank You to the diary rescue team, who helped find a lot of stories I would have missed.  Please keep it up!

What I do is, each week, search for the tags 'teaching' and 'learning' and go through jotter's lists for diaries that teach.  Then I'll post the list, with perhaps some brief comment, and open the floor to people who want to learn something specific.

You can help me by tagging diaries with 'teaching' or 'learning' when you see diaries that merit those tags, by reminding me of what I've missed, by recommending this diary, and by commenting.

I divide the list into "Regular series" and "Occasional diaries"

*Regular series* - by title of series

Bookflurries  is about stories that create the world, brought to you by cfk

Dawn chorus says 'it's our bird too'

FAQ forum hosted by dmsilev

Friday night at the movies was about the best anti-American movies ever hosted by Lithium Cola

Frugal Fridays was about saving money at the library hosted by sarahnity

Garden blogging (like the title! Maverick garden hoaxing!) hosted by Frankenoid

Hadrian's forum had two diaries this week:
Rome's Senate and Palin's theory on VP power and
the last Republican of the Roman Republic

History for Kossacks took a break this week

Home repair hosted by claude

Is our children learning? took a break this week

Marine Life Series took a break this week

Math Mania  asked Why teach math? Why sing? by plf515

Painting palooza with boran2

Pique the geek was about Chirality hosted by Translator

Science Saturday had a sweetest day edition from Neon Vincent

The left wing took a break this week

Today in History took a break this week

Welcome New Users was about searching by ek hornbeck

WGLB Presents had several diaries this week:
but think of the children!
Truth and consequences
prop 8: untruth and consequences all  by GLBT and friends

What are you reading? had the usual list by plf515

What are you working on? took a break this week

What's for dinner? had  purple hulled peas by Translator

Word of the week took a break this week

Yat Cuisine took a break this week

*Occasional diaries*  by name of diarist

Asinus Asinum Fricat warned us that melamine is now found in egg products

BFSkinner bemoaned  our inability to commnunicate: The death of foreign language teaching in America

EugeneF told us about the glorious annals of the French navy

gimmeshelter told us how to use non-YouTube videos in our diaries

iampunha talked about teaching in sidewalk geography

jm214 discussed the teaching of civics in the sound of many voices

In Palin teaches the constitution Liberal Thinking talked about education more generally

NChrissieB told us about mythmaking, democracy, and the hegemonic media

Stranded Wind was following the harvest (this looks like the 9th in a series, I may move this to regular series, if it continues)

teacherken shared more joys of being a teacher

Translator had A primer on US coins Bullion coins

Trotsky the Horse noted that you call him a socialist like it's a bad thing

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