A lot of people (including med) have predicted a joint apperance by the former and the future president.  It looks like this is going to happen "within the week".

It is obvious that the Obama-camp have planned their strategy well, first a joint appearance by Biden-Clinton in PA, then Obama/HRC together in FL and now it looks like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will do a joint event "within the week".  This is brilliant, because no matter what McCain/Palin say, they won`t be able to compete with Clinton/Obama for at least 1-2 days, the media will be all over this.

First we have a little leak, then some speculation, then a date and finally the actual even.  This will get a lot of media attention and it will be positive.  My guess is a joint event Thursday/Friday next week and OH or FL.  I would love AR, but I don`t think they are focusing on AR and they will probably like to seal the deal in a state like OH.

From Politico:

"Former President Bill Clinton and Senator Barack Obama will appear together "within the week," a source close to one of the men said."


"But the planned appearance this week -- the source wouldn't say where -- will be their first appearance on the stump together. It's an opportunity to stage another symbolic passing of the party's torch, and to command media attention on one of the dwindling number of days left in the campaign."


Well, its going to be in Orlando FL on Wednesday:


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