I'm too tired and broken to put links in this diary. You've all got google, it's not that hard. I needed to vent before I close my eyes tonight. I'm just cold.

My sorrowful plea lies below the fold. Please - help me understand what is happening to this country.

I haven't seen Oliver Stone's new movie "W".

It has been said that Anne Pressly, a popular and stunningly beautiful blonde anchorwoman from an Arkansas news TV station was beaten seriously in what can presumed to be a robbery.

Or not.

Some say that since she played a character in Oliver Stone's movie "W"  who presumably is meant to resemble Ann Coulter, that some nutty Right Winger beat her to death for sullying their impression of whatever Ann Coulter is to them.

Some others say that a leftie radical beat her because the attackers' hatred for the real Ann Coulter was so rabid that anything that looked close would do.

Or it could have been a random attack that was about nothing more than the money in her purse.

Either way, how proud are you of your country right now?

I'm sick.

Between this tragedy and whatever twisted motive was behind the false attack on the girl who worked for the McCain campaign and the bloodlust on this site to see her punished beyond parole for possibly inspiring a race riot, to the Republican bloodlust who want to destroy her because it looks bad for the McCain campaign,

What the fuck is happening to this country?

Bin Laden must be so goddamn pleased.

Seven years after 9/11 and he hasn't had to to a fucking thing while we sit her and set fire to each other.

I want someone here - or all of you unforgivable right wing trolls and lurkers who are out scoping for red meat to carry back to drudge - to tell me just how the word United is not a worthless joke and has no purpose being used in the name of our country.

What is it that unites us again? That each angry man and woman is convinced that they - and only they - know which political party or demographic group is to blame for all the evil in the world?

And how dare ANYONE, right or left, keep singing God Bless America when it seems pretty clear that they think he only blesses the part whoever singing happens to agree with.

Palin says "Country" first - when it's unforgivably clear that she only means the half of the country that is willing to blow her kisses and forgive all her failures and foibles; the rest of the country that continuest to go to work to do all the jobs that she thinks are only done by Republicans don't exist to her.

And we're not much better. I read some of the comments of this site and wonder if we all had pitchforks instead of keyboards if there would be enough dumptrucks to carry away all the flesh torn off in the frenzy of the blogs.


Someone put me back in my chair and tell me  - what is it that unites us again?

I'm sick. I'm filled with sorrow. And I am not always proud of my country. And to anyone who dares to have the shameless gall to say that they are always proud of this country (Cindy McCain, are you reading this?), I say to them - get real.

We might be better than many, but we're far from perfect.

Whether Anne Pressley was killed for the money, for the indignant rage someone felt because she portrayed someone in a light that did not please them, or whether she represented someone so loathed that attacking even a doppelganger would do, this is a sad, sick, tragic night in this country.

I'm sorry. This is my heart beating slowly and growing cold because all of the shit we have seen of late does indeed represent my country. Deny it we might, but just because we may be better than many others or even all of them, doesn't mean that we don't also bear the burden of those amongst us who are truly fucking awful.

Peace be on you. On all of you.

On all of us.

This shit has to end.

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