Personally, I've considered her rather snide, condescending tone since the Convention to be inappropriate for the position for which she is running. And her constant references to "socialist" and her dog whistles to the radical right should have done her in. Now, I'm wondering if her most recent comment might, just might, have officially gone over the line.

Question: What is Sarah Palin's favorite "Joe sign"?
Answer: Joe Mama.

Yes, she really said it:The Story and Video are at Raw Story. The remark comes about 2 minutes into the video.

As a general rule, I am hard to offend. I've never been a big fan of political correctnes. And had this been the only thing that she had said in isolation, I'd be inclined to say it was just stupid. But when you place it in context it says a lot. It's bad enough that she would say it but that she clearly feels comfortable saying it raises disturbing questions.

Is it overtly racist (or just bad taste)for a Vice Presidentical candidate to make fun of ethnic speech patterns? To wit-when Sarah Palin says her favorite "Joe" sign is "Joe Mama"-has she crossed the line into what is normally considered unacceptable public discourse? How would such a reverse joke against McCain's age or Palin's gender or even rural background be received?

Originally posted to Citizen Rat on Mon Oct 27, 2008 at 04:28 PM PDT.


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