Just spotted this one in the Register.

Seems the Repubs in IA are imitating their brethren in Ohio and elsewhere, trying to get voter registrations thrown out on a technicality.  It's the same issue we've heard about in other places; evidently 364 would-be voters forgot to check the box on the form swearing to be a citizen, though they did sign the affidavit to that effect.  Republicans want to stop these people from voting.

Controversy over Iowa's election laws heated up this morning when Republicans threatened to file a lawsuit and called for Iowa Secretary of State Chet Culver's resignation, just eight days before Election Day.

At issue is the requirement that voters registering by mail check a box confirming U.S. citizenship. Republicans allege Culver, a Democrat, is violating state and federal election laws by deciding last week that he'll allow Iowa voters to bypass that requirement.

I hope they do file a lawsuit.  As you are all aware, the state's as close as they get.  As a native Hawkeye, I can tell you this kind of thing will not go over well there at all.

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