I think like most people around here I'm on pins and needles these last couple of days before the election. I've tried to do my part, I voted early, Ive donated what I can and I plan to canvas on sunday. I am currently working on my dissertation and I have a 5 month month old so you can imagine how busy I am but its still hard to get away from thinking about the election. To help put my mind on something lighter I have put some thought into what my top 5 songs to rock out to after an Obama win would be. I realize this is sort of a unsubstantial diary but it can't hurt to have some fun.  

I suppose this is sort of in the theme of the John Cusac movie High Fidelity in which some music store geeks are always coming up with top five songs for different occasions. With that in mind I thought I tried to think of a list of my top 5 songs to play after they (I hope and pray) call it tuesday night. The criteria for these songs is simple, songs that make you happy, songs that just unleash good energy, songs that you can't play load enough. Here I go,

  1. Absinthe Party at The Fly Warehouse, Minus The Bear

Simply an amazing song by the great seattle indie band. Just a joyous song about traveling with your girl in europe. It always reminds me of my trip to europe with my wife right before I proposed. Sorry, the youtube video doesn't have the best sound quality.

2)Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen and the E street Band

Do I have to explain this one?

3)Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles

While this isn't a huge epic rocker this cathartic song is all about hope and optimism.

4)Why Did We Ever Meet, The Promise Ring

This is just a fun, poppy song that takes me back to happy college days with some hometown heroes from milwaukee

5)Mrs. Lazarus, Hum
This is a great hard rocking song about bringing a part of your life back from the dead. In this case we'll call it the democratic party. Unfortunately I can't find a youtube for this one so I'll go with a close runner up from the same band.

Unfortunately this song is now featured in Cadilac Ads but good god does it rock and that's what I plan on doing tuesday night.

Anyway, I invite comments on some of your own top 5's. I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two songs that I should have considered for my list. Keep working hard everyone!

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