The Pennsylvania Board of Elections seems to have posted its final numbers for the General Election 2008.  It appears as though the last batch of numbers was final for some, but not all, counties.

    The final PA registration numbers are simply delectable if you're a Democrat.  If you're not a Democrat...  not so much.

As of Oct. 31st (today!), the numbers are as follows:

Democrats - 4,480,477 (51.16%)
Republicans - 3,243,323 (37.03%)
Other - 1,033,745 (11.80%)
TOTAL - 8,757,545

Democrats have a registration advantage of 1,237,154 and 14.13 percentage points.  This is phenomenal.

Among just active voters, the difference is even more stark.

Democrats - 4,076,331 (51.75%)
Republicans - 2,922,939 (37.11%)
Other - 877,344  (11.14%)
TOTAL - 7,876,614

    Among active voters, Democrats have a registration advantage of 1,153,392 and 14.64 percentage points.  This is astounding.  In 2004, Democrats only had an advantage of around 600,000 and 7 percentage points.

    Even with a slightly depressed Democratic turnout and a slightly higher than normal Republican turnout, it's a very steep hill to climb for John McCain in Pennsylvania.  Having said that, I don't imagine Barack Obama having 82 campaign offices in Pennsylvania will result in a depressed Democratic turnout.

    And now we turn to the more serious matter of why John McCain is losing this election.  The following video pretty much sums it up.

    He's scaring the pants off everyone!  Happy Halloween everybody!  :)

P.S.  I voted today by mail.  I voted for Barack Obama!  :)   I voted yes on 2, no on 4, and NO on 8!  I voted on everything else too.  And I discovered that out of my three family members in North Dakota, my brother and father are voting Obama, mom is NOT voting McCain but third party (this is a huge achievement believe me)

Originally posted to FightingRegistrar on Fri Oct 31, 2008 at 09:03 PM PDT.


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