John McCain appeared live on SNL tonight.  I'll update with video as soon as available.  McCain was really counting on this appearance to win over a bunch of undecided voters.  He did a good job and showed a sense of humor, but I don't think he won too many votes.  Instead, Tina Fey as Sarah Palin stole the show.  He may come back later and appear on Weekend Update, let's wait and see.  (Yup, he's on WE, see the update)  SPOILER below.

And here's the Weekend Update spot:

And here's the famous Olbermann spoof:

The first skit was a mock ad on QVC shopping channel.  Big appplause from the audience at the start, don't know if it was more for Fey or McCain or both.

McCain starts by noting last week's Barack's 7-channel 30-minute ad and says he can't afford to do anything similar, he can only afford QVC.  Fey says, "Yeah, this campaign is sure expensive," and she strokes her expensive dress.  (Big laughs)  

McCain says they will "try to sell some stuff" to raise money.  First, 10 plates to commemorate the 10 joint Obama-McCain town hall debates.  But since Obama didn't show up, the plates are blank.  "But they still are nice plates," says McCain.

Fey then puts up for sale "the Joe series" of campaign dolls -- Joe the Plumber, Joe Sixpack, and Joe Biden.  You pull a string on the Biden doll and it talks for 45 minutes.  Example - "I ride AmTrak to work everyday."

Then McCain offers "McCain Fine Gold" jewelry, to commemorate the McCain Feingold bill.

Fey again, this time selling "Ayres freshener" - air freshener that reminds you of William Ayres when you spray it.

Then back to McCain selling "McCain Pork Knives," that cut out all the pork.

Fey says, "Buy from us, not from those elite department stores with a liberal agenda."

Then Tina goes to a private location and says, "I'm going rogue.  Check out these Palin 2012 tee shirts!  Please don't wear them until after Tuesday.  I'm not going back to Alaska, I'll run again or become a white Oprah."

McCain comes over and says, "Sarah, what are you doing over here?"  "Oh, just talking about taxes," replies Tina.

"I'm a true maverick," concludes McCain.  "A Republican without money.  So remember, country first and all undergarments non-returnable."

The Olbermann spoof skit is on now...

UPDATE  He's back on Weekend Update, lots of boos mixed with applause as he appears.  He gives a comment on his campaign strategy.  Since Maverick hasn't been working, he says that maybe he'll try:
Reverse Maverick - do whatever someone tells him to do
Double Maverick - go totally beserker and freak out
Sad Grandpa - get on TV and say, "Come, Obama is gonna have plenty of chances, it's my turn now!"
Charleston - I'll campaign only in Charleston and meet everyone there 2 or 3 times
Forrest Gump - I'll just jog around the country and maybe everything will work out.
Rocky IV - I'll pull a sled and get in peak physical condition.
Seth: How will that help you get elected?  McCain: It won't, but if I have to fight Putin, I'll be ready.

McCain: I'll just spend the last few days travelling the country and trying to connect with the voters.
Seth: And if that doesn't work?
McCain: Probably the Double Maverick.

Initial comments from the blogs:

America Blog

McCain isn't looking presidential. I'm just not sure I want my potential future president doing comedy skits three days before the election. I love SNL, but it's one thing appearing on Letterman, and quite another doing funny "skits" like you're on the Lucy Show.

The Trail

Trailing in the polls, the Republican senator from Arizona demonstrated a continuing sense of good humor three days before the election, traveling to New York City for yet another live appearance on the variety show.

National Review

McCain on SNL: Funny, But...

The sketch will probably trigger another round of "Tensions between McCain and Palin" stories, as McCain stood there as Fey said, "these campaigns sure are expensive," then gesturing to her clothes.

Did the sketch make me laugh? Sure....
The sketch was funny, but McCain's presence seemed to give the seal of approval to jabs at Palin that... well, furrow the brow.

Blogger News

Being among those old enough to remember Saturday night live when it was the new kid on the comedy block. John McCain’s performance ranks as the single best offering by a member of the political class since the shows debut. The man nailed it; he pretty much defined the difference between laughing at and with someone.  Who knows it may have helped nudge some of the leaning his way undecided voters.

Huff Post

Sen. John McCain made one of most memorable political appearances in SNL history last night. In his opening sketch, and in the "Weekend Update" segment, in the lingo of the comedy world, he "killed."
He humanized himself and demonstrated that he and his campaign could have a terrific sense of humor when the chip were down. He appeared incredibly relaxed, wonderfully self-effacing and winning.  Take nothing away from this guy, he did it all tonight and did it well.

National Post

It's actually a pretty shrewd move, considering Obama had to spent millions to get his smiling mug in front of a couple of million people with his infomercial on Wednesday night. John McCain gets to do it tonight for free AND he might get a few laughs out of it.

Kansas City

As he did at the Al Smith Dinner last month, McCain showed the "SNL" audience that he has few peers in the political humor department....    (But) who thought it was a good idea to present him as so hopelessly behind his opponent that he could joke about switching campaign strategies (again) in the final 48 hours? I don't care who you are, or who you support, you don't let your candidate tell America he thinks he's going to lose. Even in jest.

LA Times

"Saturday Night Live" has seen its viewership soar this season on its political humor, but it has also drawn complaints from Republicans, who have accused the program of uneven satire.  Last week, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News that some of Fey's impressions of Palin amounted to "slander and were worthy of a lawsuit."  Michaels has dismissed charges that the program has a bias, or a significant influence on the race.

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