What a wonderful new day in America. The people have risen up and placed Obama and Democrats in charge of redirecting the future of our country. But, my overwhelming joy is tempered by great sadness that Prop 8 has passed here in California.


A majority of my neighbors have voted to deny basic rights to our other neighbors, based on strict and narrow ideology. How can this be, that on a day when we have elevated our first black man as President, that we have also voted to push down another group of Americans? How can those that supported Prop 8 not see that they have empowered the "big government" they so fear to brutishly deny rights to a selected group of Americans?

How can I, in purity of heart, celebrate openly? How can I truly feel this is a new day for my country, for my children, knowing that millions of other Americans have today had society tell them they are less worthy of the basic human dignity to love whom they choose to love?

Help me understand this. Perhaps this is one of the great challenges that Barack so eloquently metered the celebration with last night? Or, did we simply shuffle one triumph with another loss?

Brothers and sisters, today is a bright new day for all of us. Today is a dark new day for many of us. Today should be bittersweet for all of us.

Originally posted to pfeester on Wed Nov 05, 2008 at 10:55 AM PST.


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