Was just listening to Fox News on Sirius Satellite.

According to Carl Cameron, now that the election is over, the McCain campaign is coming clean on some of the worst offenses of their VP candidate.

It will horrify and shock you.

Moments ago on FOX News, Carl Cameron reported some damning leaks from the McCain camp on Sarah Palin.

McCain aides are one thing, but how dare the Fox correspondents only come clean on this stuff right now?!

  1. According to McCain aides, she had to be told which nations were part of NAFTA (hint: there are only three and we're all neighbors...)
  1. According to her debate prep team, she had to be reminded that Africa was a CONTINENT, not a country.
  1. She refused any preparation for the Katie Couric interview and in general, never thought she needed to be "briefed." And she wanted to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency?!

All three instances make me shiver in my boots when I think what COULD have been.

I am now going looking for the video clip on YouTube. I can't be the only person appalled at the fact that this is only coming out now...!


We have video (h/t Zaphyro):

Very disturbing....

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