After reveling in the joy of the landslide win for Barack Obama and the races that are yet to be decided it has come to the attention of the media that if Alaska Senator Ted Stevens wins the Senate race and is subsequently kicked out of the Senate it sets up an interesting dynamic.  Could Sarah Palin be the next Senator from Alaska?  She could resign as Governor and have her Lt. Governor appoint her to his seat.  Or perhaps call a special election and run herself.  If she won she would be Senator.  If she lost she would still be Governor. Below the fold for a truly harrowing possibility.

What is Sarah Palin best at?  Talking aimlessly and forever about nothing.  If she was to become a US Senator she could be part of the Senate minority in charge of Filibustering.  Think about it.  Having to listen to that shrewish, nails on a blackboard voice for hours and hours and hours.   And what could she possibly talk about? The possibilities are endless.

My fellow Mavericks, I am, so, also, takin the Senate floor to a place where patriotic Americans can get to.  Small town values at K-Mart, an then to a hockey game, because I know that it's a good fight, and we need to fight the main street media because they too can't see Russia from where they are.  They don't believe that I  have seen Putin rearing and flying in my space.  We need to drill everywhere because we have great things here and we want the lower states to have our good stuff too.  Of course you will have to pay a lot for it because us in Alaska need to keep our state to ourselves and don't need the USA to tell us what to do.  Shut up Todd your distracting me.  

We need family values like crazy.  I mean I know first hand that eloping to get married is stressful..  Then when you have a baby so soon.  I have always taught my kids to do as I do not as I say an I guess it's working!!  But family activities like hunting and killing innocent animals has brought us all closer.  We love a good kill.  Especially if you can do it in a helicopter and not get sweaty.  Killing I mean not the other thing.

And those terrorists.  We need to keep an eye on them because you never know when they might straighten up and fly right and that would not be good.  We cannot afford to let them do the right things.  I mean who do they think they are.  

Nobody told me that Neiman Marcus wasn't a thrift store.  I thought it was twofer Tuesday so I just took a bunch of stuff.  Sorry about the moose dung on the Gucci's.. I tried turpentine but it took the shine from it.  I only asked for diet Dr. Pepper and all of this stuff came.  I thought it was the new republican magic word.

I can't stand that black guy elitist and his gang.  They scare me.  I mean gosh if you tell the truth all the time then how can you get away with it. Sometimes it's for their own good people just need to here a good lie to cheer them up or get them riled up.  It's no fair and I'm not going to answer any questions the way you want me to.  I'm talkin to the American people in small mind  America.   To let them know they are the most best people I've met.  

I know God has a plan for me.  I'm waitin for a sign.  Oh look there's a STOP sign.  Dip head right turn only one way caution merge right no left turn.  Thank you Jesus for making it so clear.  

On and on and on.  It could cause mass throat cutting by the left wing extremist Senators tying to get the sound of her voice to stop.  The new secret weapon of the right-wing crazies.  This may be a snark but how far from the truth i it?

Feel free to add to the filibuster.

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