What is the deal with Michelle Obama's teeth? Hasn't anyone told her that her teeth, both top and bottom, protrude and cause her mouth to twist out of shape when she talks?

She has had plenty of money and time over the last ten years or so to get braces. She could wear the braces at night. Like most kids her teeth needed braces. And like a like of kids her family couldn't afford braces. But she certainly can afford them now, and can afford the absolute best orthodontist. Even if she wears them at night her teeth could be straightened within six months.

And please, spare me the "Michelle is black!! Any criticism is racist!" I voted for Obama. And Michelle is an attractive woman, but if she doesn't do something about her teeth, she is going to start seeing some nasty caricatures.  

Originally posted to allan harris on Sun Nov 16, 2008 at 05:34 PM PST.

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