The Libertarian Party's candidate for Vice-President, Las Vegas-based gambling promoter and sports handicapper Wayne Allyn Root, has big plans for making a comeback in 2012 to take on his former classmate from Columbia University, Barack Obama.  For starters he wants to reach out to Ron Paul supporters and try to convince them he is their best alternative.  Then he will promote his book "The Conscience of a Libertarian:  Empowering the citizen revolution, with God, guns, gambling, school choice and tax cuts."

His primary mission, however, is to find a vice-presidential running mate with deep pockets.  He pronounces,  "I will spend the next four years with one goal in mind: Finding a billionaire running mate. Believe me when I tell you I will find him, or her. All of a sudden I’ll be on TV day and night, just like Ross Perot, and suddenly we’ll get 19 million votes, just like Ross Perot."  

And just like Ross Perot he'll become a laughingstock, the object of Saturday Night Live skits and late night comedians, and then fade away into obscurity.

Originally posted to Karole Noymann on Wed Nov 19, 2008 at 04:12 PM PST.

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