Alan Colmes, while remaining with Fox News as a recurring guest and liberal commentator, has informed Fox News that he's leaving his post at 'Hannity & Colmes."

This is NOT bad news, folks... read on...

Let's face it, Alan Colmes was NEVER the equal to Sean "the shrill" Hannity" (or was purposely directed to be the lesser-half) so let's see if Fox News Channel decides to TRULY be fair and BALANCED and put somebody with more fire in their progressive belly to go toe-to-toe with Hannity this time.

Who should replace Colmes, though?  Wouldn't Howard Dean just KILL?  Okay, so that'd be my dream matchup, but seriously, if H&C is to continue, who should be the new sparring partner for that little rat-bastard?

James Carville, anyone?

Originally posted to SouthernDemRon on Mon Nov 24, 2008 at 02:44 PM PST.


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