Dear Keith Olbermann,

Please give us Ari Melber at 10PM the same way you gave us Rachel Maddow at 9PM.

I'm not just asking because Ari is one of us; or because he schlepped to YearlyKos 2006, YearlyKos 2007, and Netroots Nation 2008; or because he wrote today about Daily Kos's new outpost, Congress Matters.

Ari Melber at Yearly Kos 2006

I'm also not asking just because he's all techy with his Twittering and Facebooking and HuffPosting on his MacBook.

Nor am I asking because of his writing for The Nation, The Washington Independent, Politico, et al.

I'm also not asking because of his YouTube-worthy performances on the teevee:

I'm mostly asking because he's hot.

I mean, it's a pretty short leap from being lesbian for Rachel to being gay for Ari, right?

Now, I know you say you didn't actually hire Rachel, but we all know you had "something to do with it." And I know you can't just pluck someone off the interwebs and give them a show. You would first have to groom him with more guest and panelist slots and ask him to talk about more than just the interwebs and e-blogs. And then, if he's any good, you'd have to graduate him to a guest-host gig. But MSNBC currently turns out the lights at 10PM, putting repeats up against Anderson Van Susteren On The Record 360. And then what are you going to do when Chris Matthews runs for Senate? You need more people on your bench. Try Ari.

Originally posted to Michael D on Mon Nov 24, 2008 at 06:00 PM PST.


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