Pride, patriotism, "Obamamania", or whatever you call it;  it's coming to the nation's Capitol.   Numerous stories have been reported in recent days of the struggle to find a place to shack up in D.C. for what promises to be one of the most electrifying inaugural speeches in history.  Millions of proud flag-waving Americans are anticipated to attend the event.  The National Mall will be entirely opened and equipped with jumbo screens.  One Virginia Businessman is throwing a million dollar bash for disadvantaged people.  Then there is former Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson(Fmr. Sen. TN, Law and Order) who is renting out his apartment for $30,000!

That's right, Fred Thompson.   Speaker at the Republican National Convention.   The guy who, back in 2007, was said to be the guy that can step in and save the Republican Party's hopes for retaining the White House.  His run in the primary is best remembered as a slow walk, or "strut" if you will, that hardly moved while everyone else was running full speed ahead.  The guy who's said numerous things about Barack Obama during the general election.  Even he is, according to the New York Post, cashing in on that crazy "Obamamania".  $30,000 will buy you five days, and the apartment includes '"a balcony overlooking the inaugural parade route, the Navy Memorial and the US Capitol, and comes with a reserved parking space,".'

I guess that means Fred might be thinking about skipping Barack Obama's inaugural address, huh?  Poor Fred.

Originally posted to Setrak on Mon Dec 08, 2008 at 06:08 AM PST.

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