Breaking: I just received this email from NARAL-Wisconsin:

Bush Supporters Resort to Fraud in Effort to Confuse Voters

Madison, WI - NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin filed a police report this morning, after receiving reports of illegal use of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin's name and phone number.  The Madison Police Department as well as the fraud department of the group's telephone carrier are investigating.


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Several individuals alerted the organization after receiving robotic telephone messages urging them to vote for George W. Bush because of his anti-reproductive health policies.  NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin and its national partner, NARAL Pro-Choice America, work to protect women's reproductive rights and privacy, and expand access to comprehensive reproductive health care for women and families.  Both groups have endorsed Sen. John Kerry for President because of his strong record fighting for women's health and equality.  

The messages contained a disclaimer stating that it had been paid for by "NARAL."  It then listed NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin's phone number to call for more information.  

Individuals reported that their caller ID display showed NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin's name and main office number.  It is unclear whether the calls were made by breaking into NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin's phone system or by using software to create a false caller ID display.  Either would constitute a violation of federal law.  

"This is very troubling - apparently, anti-choice forces will stop at nothing - even breaking the law - to aid George Bush in his war against women's health.  We will seek to prosecute the perpetrators of this fraud to the full extent of the law," said Kelda Helen Roys, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, and an attorney.  

Anyone with information or who received a call is urged to save the message and document as much information about the call as possible, and call NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin immediately at (608) 287-0016, extension 3.

So the phone games just keep getting weirder.  The Republicans' desperation tactics are really something to behold!

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