Whenever "big time" bank robbers were making their "gettaway",
they always staged a diversion.....a big explosion on the other
side of town, anything to get the attention of any possible witnesses to their escape.
The Blagojevich hell raising is such a diversion.
There was a poll on CNN yesterday that named the top crooks
in politics.....Blagojevich was number one.....and he hasn't even been accused of a crime.
All this while George, Dick and Halliburton walk off with over three
trillion dollars of your money. A crime so big that it has caused
World-wide economic chaos.

You all are so easy.  You don't even know the slimy crimes these
scum have committed, but....
You believe the "maybe crimes"  of one of their attorneys---
because he is a U.S. Attorney.
Hell, they have a roomful of these rats willing to sell their country
down the drain to the highest Arab bidder.
The C.I.A. has an entire sector made up of scum like these.
Yes, there are still good guys in our intelligence community,
but they are kept separate from the scum.
G.H.W. Bush created that situation in his short stay as C.I.A.
director.  Right after he covered up the mess at the R.N.C.
More to come.

Originally posted to edscan on Wed Dec 24, 2008 at 10:37 AM PST.

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