I was looking through the Albuquerque Journal (which sucks - click to see why) when I found news that definitely DOESN'T suck.

Damned good news, in fact.

The New Mexico Secretary of State has reversed her original decision to barr representatives from the Democratic, Republican, and Green parties from monitoring the re-checking of vote tallies from the state presidential election results.

Article below the fold.

The bold emphasis is mine.

Sec. of State Reverses Decision Barring Parties From Monitoring Votes

SANTA FE   --   The state's three major political parties will be allowed to monitor the secretary of state's office as it checks post-election vote tallies from counties in preparation for the official state canvass.

Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron made the announcement Monday, reversing her previous decision to prohibit anyone from monitoring the internal auditing and canvassing by her office.

Republicans had criticized her decision to prohibit observers.

Vigil-Giron said she will limit the observers to one from each of the three major political parties   --   Democrats, Republicans and Greens.


Vigil-Giron said the observers will not be allowed to talk to her staff or touch any of the election materials, such as tapes from voting machines or tallies of those machine tapes from the county clerks. Questions from observers must be submitted in writing to her office.

I assume that the Republicans were unhappy about prohibiting observers because their non-reality based world makes them paranoid that our "Democrat-dominated state" (i.e. Bill Richardson and a Democratic majority in the state House and Senate) would somehow bias the observers.

Good news from the Swing State of Enchantment, guys.

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