Although I am a Christian, most people on my blog and in my 'circle of friends' know I am against the agenda of the Religious Right. It stands diametrically opposed to Jesus’ teachings on love, compassion, forgiveness, social justice, non-judgmentalism, and nonviolence.  It is obsessed with abortion, homosexuality, both of which were common in the Roman Empire of Jesus’ day and neither of which Jesus is recorded as condemning.  The majority of the Religious Right and the Pope is anti-science, bigoted, militaristic and vicious.  It is their support that made the entire Bush debacle and the military, economic and environmental crises possible.

Religion is a powerful drug, and one cannot stop people from believing what they want to believe, however the manipulation and control by the Religious Right demonstrates a society in which people do not, or are not allowed to think for themselves. In that sense religion is a part of reality.

Even when Christian fundamentalists see a more extreme example of what religious fundamentalism can lead to in the Islamic world, they seem even more keen to embrace fundamentalism rather than moderate their beliefs in their own religion. Religious extremism will never be moderated as long as societies tolerate less extreme forms, because the nature of religion is faith and the more moderated religion is, the more it demonstrates a lack of faith.

As long as the Religious Right is allowed to go unchallenged it will persist because succeeding generations are inculcated with its precepts from an early age; they are taught to hate, they are taught intolerance, they are erroneously taught principles which are not based on Biblical truths. The only way out is for the true Christian to stop respecting the Religious Right and disclose the truth about this religious cult.

There is some hope on the horizon, the thug tactics by the Pope and the Religious Right seem to be turning off a lot of true Christians and Americans as millions are finally seeing the truth and losing heart with this cult.  Do not forget, the goal of the Religious Right is MONEY, POWER, CONTROL and MANIPULATION.

Has humanity ever encountered throughout history those who scorn scientific advances, placed moral judgment on the private lives of others and endorsed controlling and manipulative tactics for their own purpose?  Perhaps governmental bodies have, which always lead to upheaval and genocide, but Religious Folks?    

This is a battle between good and evil, and ‘good’ wrapped in sheep’s clothing is still evil.  Jesus did not judge the outcasts, he did not condemn education or intellectual achievement, he did not convert others at the other end of a weapon, he never even claimed to know when the end would come.  He did lead by example, with compassion and truth.

I suggest this group should scare the hell out of all Americans, whether one is of the Christian faith, other faiths or agnostic.  This is not the version of Christianity I want projected in America or around the world.   Their sick fascination with judgment, destruction and damnation reflects badly on America and the Christian faith.

The Religious Right remains strong in the Republican Party, but that it intends and is capable of, waging and winning theocratic battles against LGBT and women’s civil and human rights, as well as disrupting secular public education.

Originally posted to Texas Cowboy on Fri Dec 26, 2008 at 01:48 PM PST.

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