Wow, all these Democrats are rushing to file their petitions for the Democratic primary set for March 3, 2009 to fill the Illinois Fifth District Congressional seat vacated by Rahm Emanuel.  These are all good people - Sara Feigenholtz, Thomas Geohaghan, Michael Quigley - among others.  But don't they know who set the date for the March 3 election? And the general election (which won't matter) set for April 7, 2009?  None other than Governor Blagojevich.  This was Blagojevich's decision to make and he made it.  Despite his arrest.  Despite the ongoing impeachment proceedings against him in Springfield.  What does this mean?  Will Nancy Pelosi prevent the winner of the election from being seated because the process involved decisions taken by our accused Governor.  Please would-be Congresspeople!  Abandon your campaigns.  Don't let Blagojevich taint you.Chicago Tribune

Originally posted to ProduceMan on Tue Jan 06, 2009 at 04:44 PM PST.

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