I know it's late in the game, but here's a suggestion for Surgeon General as an alternative to the much-opposed Dr. Sanjay Gupta:

Meet Vermont's Dr. Jan Carney.

Dr. Carney served as Vermont Commissioner of Public Health for 13 years under three Governors (including Howard Dean). In her biography on the National Library of Medicine website, Congressman Bernie Sanders is quoted as calling her a visionary leader during whose tenure "Vermonters experienced extraordinary gains in their health and well being."

Learn more about this incredible woman below...

Now a dean at the University of Vermont medical school and author of the book "Public Health in Action", Dr. Carney would be a perfect choice as the nation's public health leader.

Under her direction, the state of Vermont expanded its initiatives for women's health and wellness and became a national leader in efforts to expand health care access to every resident.

From her bio:

When she stepped down as Commissioner, the Burlington Free Press editorialized, "If Jan K. Carney doesn't return to her old profession as a doctor of medicine, she is well qualified to become a doctor of government!; Carney placed Vermont among the nation's leaders in public health and— Thanks partly to Carney's concerted campaigns against such health threats as breast cancer, AIDS and smoking, and by stressing the importance of early childhood preventative care, health indicators of almost every group of Vermonters have improved."

I have no idea whether the Obama administration has made its mind up on this nomination, but Dr. Carney would be an ideal alternative to the "rock star" nomination of Sanjay Gupta. I hope someone is paying attention.

Originally posted to Montco PA Dem on Sat Jan 10, 2009 at 06:27 AM PST.

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