Sorry to rain on your parade Obamabots, but your man is making some serious mistakes . . . and he's not even President yet!  Please swallow your pride, open your minds, and follow me "below the fold" and I'll let you know why I'm so dismayed by the prospect of four long years under this man.


First of all, let me tell you about myself,
I'm a  . . .

Coptic Monk

who just happens to be . . .

a necrophiliac
a "chicken lover"
a heterosexual
a hermaphrodite
a bisexual
a transvestite
an armpit sniffer

as a result, I have

had sand kicked in my face
been beaten severely (I liked it, however)
mocked by nerds
told my mother dresses me funny
been plagued by locusts
forced to eat spam
been given a wedgie by a jock

therefore, it OUTRAGES me when this Weasel Barack Obama

refuses to pick me up in a limo and drive me to his inaugural ball
won't let my Pootie deliver the benediction
mentions "God" but not  Thor, Isis, or "slack"
has the nerve to get his daughters a new puppy and leaves the rest of us "puppy free"
appoints shallow right wing stooges, like Hillary Clinton, to his cabinet
wears a flag pin on his lapel
is not doing EXACTLY AS I WOULD DO if I was President

after all I

almost voted for him in my state's primary
taped an Obama bumpersticker in my rear window on November 1st
just about voted for him, but I couldn't resist voting Nader for the third time
stopped in at Democratic HQ and and considered buying a pin
saw him on TV and thought "that's a fine young man"
hummed along to "Yes We Can" by that rapper guy
told my Mom he was cute

and after all that this is the gratitude I get?

This is "Change We Can Believe In?"

If this is the "Change" I'm getting . . . I want my Dollar back damnit!


Rick Warren is a Frickin' Nazi!!!

Shame on you P-E Obama.  Tsk-tsk.

Originally posted to badger1968 on Thu Jan 15, 2009 at 04:04 PM PST.


For all I've done for him, P-E Obama should

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