Actually, the full title of this masterpiece of inanity, by a wingnut named Yomin Postelnik, is "Message to the GOP: Fight Kos With Kos and Kendrick Meek With Marion Thorpe." This lovely screed appeared at canadafreepress.com (their slogan: "a conservative free press") and was naturally picked up by the Freepers.

The extent of Postelnik's delusions is vast. So vast, in fact, that I found it laughable. I hope you will too.

So delve into the addled mind of a real wingnut if you dare. He's so wingnut and so addled, that he wrote (in somewhat clumsy prose) on Nov. 4, 2008:

As the night goes on, it will be clear that the real votes do not match the polls.  John McCain will win.  This has nothing to do with race.  If one campaign has student activists/other activist types and puts them at the forefront, the public silence, but private opposition, are commonplace.  What materializes is not to that campaign’s liking.

Postelnik's latest offering is a delusional, myopic, illogical, wandering piece that alternately praises and damns DKos. His "analysis" of the 2010 Florida Senate race is, to put it charitably, amusing.

Postelnik begins by postulating that some guy named Marion Thorpe is the only GOP hope to beat Democratic Congressman Kendrick Meek in the Florida Senate Race in 2010. Kendrick, it seems, is the beneficiary of a nefarious plot by those DFH's at DKos. Try to follow his "logic" if you can.

First, he says, the GOP needs to get tough. They're getting trounced by those orange meanies. Postelnik then wanders back to 1800 to explain that those awful Dems campaign too hard, just like Aaron Burr (yes, Aaron Burr, who actually lost to Jefferson). Meanwhile, he says,

Republicans are at least somewhat the heirs of those who sat back and thought that their ideas would carry the day by virtue of, well, their ideas.

Right, the GOP is full of ideas--like Willie Horton, swiftboats, and Bill Ayers, for example. Sorry, I digress.

Postelnik then asserts:

Which brings us to the Daily Kos.  Their views certainly run counter to the ideals of either Adams or Jefferson, but it is their tactics that we must discuss.  When it comes to rallying their base, they have shown a keen ability to run a long and protracted war to win over voters.  In the world of politics today, there are few who are better at stealth fighting than the radicals at the Daily Kos.

We'll ignore the Adams and Jefferson slur (he's a wingnut after all). But we can all savor that last sentence for a moment. "Stealth fighting." "Radicals." I'm beginning to like this guy. I mean, who doesn't want to be a stealth fighting radical? Cool.

Meanwhile, our wingnut can't quit while he's ahead. After claiming that Republicans are smarter than Democrats (all evidence to the contrary), Postelnik warns of apocalypse since the Dems now have 59 senators (at least he realizes that Franken won). He then says that Dkos knows that conservative values beat liberal ones every time. Uh, OK.

So why worry about Dkos? Well, he says, in 2004 the Dems were a "clear minority," but "lies" and "spin" on DKos in 2006 turned the public against the administration. The only example he gives of "lies" and "spin" is--you're not going to believe this--the IGTNT diaries:

Kos activists had worked with the media to take measures that would have turned the public against FDR during WW2, not the least of which being the coverage of the full life story of every individual soldier that was killed, done on an almost daily basis without ever mentioning the reasons that led to the war (such as the UN weapons reports and the failure of Saddam to open up to inspectors after 12 years of non-compliance and 18 months of constant warning).

I guess we should have ignored our heroic soldiers; the Bush Administration certainly did. Obviously, this idiot has never read an IGTNT diary or he would know that they are memorials and that politics are not allowed in them.

Anyway, back to "stealth fighting." The Great Orange Satan, says Postelnik, actually worked on a (gasp) district by district basis, recruiting candidates who would (OMG) appeal to their constituencies, and who (Oh, no!) voted with Pelosi 80% of the time.

Suddenly, the scales lift from Postelnik's eyes (temporarily). If the GOP continues doing what it has been doing, he says, the party should change its name to the Insanity Party. Sounds like truth in advertising to me.

But no, our Bozo has something else in mind. In the Florida senate race, Dkos has "annointed" Meek as the candidate (just like Obama). Yes, he says, this race was supposed to be between Jeb Bush and FL CFO Alex Sink, until "these online activists yelled out 'not so fast!'"

So who, you are asking, are these online activists here at Dkos who pulled off this power play? How did you miss this coup?

Well, I looked it up here. It seems that Kossack Tally is the culprit. Tally has written nine diaries about the Florida Senate race in the past three months. Several of those touted Kendrick. Unfortunately, none of Tally's diaries made the rec list, but the excellent diary examining the upcoming FL race, Rebranding the FL Dem Party in 2010, published on 12.06.08 was justifiably rescued. Otherwise, front pager brownsox has been covering the race but not particularly advocating one candidate over the other, although brownsox does say,

Meek should be a formidable candidate. He's a young, talented and well-connected politician, and a formidable fundraiser.


Regardless, this was already shaping up to be one of the most exciting races of the cycle, and it's only gotten better with Meek in the race.

It must be the stealth. At any rate, my congratulations to Tally. You have apparently made Meek our candidate and chased not only Dem Alex Sink but also Jeb Bush out of the race. For the latter, Tally, we are eternally grateful.

Postelnik explains how Dkos will exploit all those minorities and poor people by use of "kool-aid" and "mass hysteria." Then those nasty Kossacks will actually point out that Meek's

...Senate race would make him the first African-American to be nominated as the lead candidate for statewide office in Florida....

The Dkos stealth plan? "Galvanize the base and then motivate the masses." Next thing you know, those Dems will be trying to win more votes! The GOP needs insight like this.

Well, says Postelnik, one can only ignore such pernicious practices at one's peril. The answer, he says, is to find an African American Republican to run for senate, and that's not an easy task in Florida, I can tell you. But Postelnik has one in mind. No doubt a household name like Jeb Bush, right? No, he wants Dr. Marion Thorpe, Jr.

Yes, that Dr. Thorpe. Florida’s past Chief Medical Officer (appointed by Jeb in 2005). After dismissing Meek's qualifications offhand, Postelnik touts Dr. Thorpe as a "true conservative...who is widely known and respected in the regions that turned out most strongly for Obama."

Neutralize the "first African American" meme, says our intrepid wingnut, and, voila, Rethugs win.

Of course, Postelnik conveniently forgets overlooks deludes himself into thinking that Thorpe is a real force and that Meek is a hollow man promoted by the left.

Reality intrudes. The facts are that Thorpe has never held elective office. He ran against Alcee Hastings (yes, Alcee Hastings!) in FL-23 last fall and polled a whopping 18% of the vote. But he's African American and that's all that counts.

Meek, on the other hand, is a four-term US Congressman who has national name recognition and is considered a rising star in the Democratic Party.

Not only are wingnuts stupid, but they are cynical and delusional. Yomin Postelnik is Exhibit A. He basically accuses liberals of choosing Meek simply because he is black, as if that makes it easier for Meek to win. He then cynically says that the GOP must hold their noses and vote for an African American because only a black candidate can overcome the Dems' black candidate. How do you fight logic like that? Why would we want to?

By the way, I've seen Meek on national TV a couple of times in the past few days. He seems like a sharp, progressive guy who would be a great senator for Florida.

Congratulations, Tally. That's some pretty awesome stealth fighting radicalism you've got going there. We're proud of you. BTW, check out Tally's latest diary on the race: Meek vs. Gelber, FL-Sen.

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