Now that my morally bankrupt Senator from Texas, "Big John" Cornyn has held up Eric Holder's nomination in the Judiciary Committee, Joseph Galloway nails "Box Turtle" Cornyn.

Joseph Galloway: It's Time to Choose Right Over Wrong

While President Barack Obama was busy closing down our military prison in Guantanamo and shuttering the Central Intelligence Agency's secret Gulag around the world, Republicans on Capitol Hill were stalling a vote on Obama’s choice for attorney general, apparently in hopes of negotiating a plea bargain on war crimes.

Although it violates everything we know and believe about equality under the law, the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee, led astray by Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, forced a week’s delay in voting on Eric Holder's nomination to be the new attorney general in a crude attempt to get him to swear that he won’t prosecute anyone from the Bush administration for violating our laws.

The Republicans want Holder to promise that he won't attempt to bring to justice the evildoers who approved water-boarding and other harsh methods of interrogation that are barred by our laws and the international treaties that govern civilized conduct in wartime.

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Are we in such a controlled psychological environment the only prominent people to expose the manifold crimes of the Bush Administration are foreigners?  Other than a select few in Congress, i.e., Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, the other representatives and senators seem eager to avoid the obvious: that the corruption came from the top.

It is no mystery why Cornyn would fear investigations of torture, Stasi-inspired warrantless eavesdropping, violation of the rule of law and due process, "signing statements," crony capitalism, the "unitary executive," the politically-motivated firing of US attorneys, etc.

Texas Republican politicians make Rod Blagoevich look like a saint.

Note, I confused this journalist with George Galloway, the UK MP.  My apologies.  The article is just as valid.

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