Hi, this is Adam Green with the new Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) -- dedicated to helping progressive congressional candidates run first-class campaigns and win.

A bunch of netroots folks threw a small-dollar fundraising event for Tom Geoghegan this week in Washington, D.C. Together, we raised a whopping $3,800 on ActBlue and in-person -- enough to fund 2 field organizers for the final month before the March 3 special election to replace Rahm Emanuel.

Tom taped a video thanking everyone for their support, and detailing the bold progressive issues he will champion in Congress. Can you check out the video and help the PCCC keep the momentum going for Tom by chipping chipping in with an online donation today?

Tom is a famed labor lawyer who wrote legendary pro-worker books like "Which Side Are You On?" David Sirota calls him "one of the greatest living progressives in America" and a writer at The Nation wrote "Tom could be the next Paul Wellstone." The new PCCC made Tom its first supported candidate.

There will likely be a dozen or so candidates on the ballot. As Jerome Armstrong says, "It's going to be a split vote, and Tom, a real true progressive, has a great shot to win this wide open race.

As he prepares for the final push, now is the moment Tom needs our help. Please consider donating what you can today.

(Original PCCC event co-hosts: Adam Green, Dave Meyer, Nolan Treadway, Stephanie Taylor, Ali Savino, Erin Hoeftig, April Pederson, Jeff Jacobs, Tom Adkins, John Aravosis)

Oh, and by the way, in case you're wondering, the video was taped in a DC coffee shop the morning after our event when Stephanie Taylor and I had the opportunity to sit down with Tom and hear more about his campaign and his ideas. Prize to the first person who guesses what coffee shop it is! (But before you go nuts guessing, please donate to Tom!)

Originally posted to AdamGreen on Fri Jan 30, 2009 at 04:40 AM PST.

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