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We have Paul Krugman and they have Fred Thompson. Of course as Fred so clearly points out you would be a fool to trust anyone who knows more about economics than you do, after all it was people who "knew more than we do" who got us into this mess.

Partial transcript on the flip:

There have been a lot of good ideas as to how to get this money into people’s hands quickly. Some have suggested, for example, that we drop it by airplane. But that leaves something to be desired. Some people will have bigger rakes than others. It won’t be distributed equitably. My favorite stimulus idea is to give everybody who needs a job a shovel. We put half the people to work digging holes. We’ll get the other half to fill em up. Everybody gets a check and the unemployment problem is solved. And theres no limit to the number of holes we can get Americans to dig and fill.

and now to the gentlemen at my last lecture who said that this sounded like telling a fat guy that the way to lose weight is to eat more donuts...I can only say that there are cleary some among us who still don’t quite understand the sophistication of the economy.

So this Holiday season be extra nice to the kids. Bless there hearts they have no idea whats in store for them. But, of course thats there problem. Our job...your job, this holiday season, is to follow the lead of our government. Spend more than you can afford. More than you can ever possibly pay back. "Ask not what your country can spend for you ... ask what you can spend for your country."

Transcrip here

I know I should have produced an entire transcript, but I could find one already done and couldn't bear to listen long enough to produce one myself. I am a blogger, not a martyr.

Originally posted to Sam Wise Gingy on Mon Feb 09, 2009 at 12:12 PM PST.


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