Oh F.O.O., there are a couple of GEMS for "this day in history" that I'll be shocked if they're not covered tonight. But, these are absolutely worth a repeat! Here's a clue to the first one!


That's right! On this date in 2006, DICK shot "his friend" Harry Whittington in the face during a hunting trip in Texas. Hell, if this is what DICK does to his friends...?!

And, we have a birthday today deserving of this cake!


"This one" is 45 today.


Grandma Gov. TurkeyLover, GO CHENEY YOURSELF! Y'all feel free to interject your birthday "wishes" if you'd like. ;D

Let's Countdown!

#5 "Bank Job" AKA "Open Waters" - Merrill – Lynch handed out oodles of bonuses just before they were swallowed up by Bank of America, and Bank of America helped with those bonuses. Our tax coin at work – AGAIN! So, if those lovely bankers would still do what they do because they love their jobs so damn much without a bonus (or "retention award" or whatever the f*ck that was in the intro), DON’T GIVE YOURSELVES A F*CKIN’ BONUS! Some Congress critters on the committee have their own funds tied up in the organizations represented today. Credit card interest rates were raised after TARP money was received – CLASSY! That Rep. Maxine Waters is a tough lady – yahoo for her! Rep. Waters thinks the big banker dudes are getting the message; I’ll believe it when I see it. The pay cap for executives getting TARP coin might be cut from the stimulus deal?! NO! F*CK NO!

#4 "21st Century Robber Barons" AKA "Bonus Question" AKA "CEOutrage" - OK troops, those crooks don’t get bonuses; they get "retention awards." I think I’d like to retain something up their hind quarters! Keith, that ilk can be "tone deaf" because they live in their own twisted little worlds, and they don’t give a crap about "we, the little people." Chris Hayes was in that hearing today; I bet he had fun! ;D He thinks they don’t get why the public is angry. No one in Congress is apparently too interested in any kind of investigations into how our nation got into this economic pickle we find ourselves in because their own lack of oversight would be exposed. Gee...what a damn shock...

** Between blowing $hit up for good luck and getting rained on by molten iron for good luck, I’ll take the blowing $hit up. Look at the cute baby bull! Way to shoot yourself in a cafeteria in a medical center – talk about your great timing! The Mannity doesn’t believe reading is fundamental as far as the stimulus package, so he’s just gonna make $hit up AGAIN. FAUX News apologized for publicizing the typo in the GOP talking point they read as news yesterday. Gee, that's big of them! **

#3 "Jobs Deal" AKA "Obamanomics" AKA "Stimulus VS Them" AKA "Representatives of Houses" - Where was Monty Hall to announce the deal? Which door was the deal behind?! ;D The package is now $798 billion. 3.5 million jobs will be created, and John "Small Price to Pay" Boehner ain’t a happy man. If there’s any citizens of Ohio who read this, can’t you PLEASE make sure this boil on the butt of humanity gets his a$$ whooped in 2010?! There’s more tax cuts than infrastructure spending in the deal. After suffering a power outage for around 30 minutes tonight because of frakkin’ gale force winds in the Indianapolis area, BOO on that score! Jonathan Alter thinks what’s been done is "necessary but not sufficient." That’s all well & good, but what do economists think? What does Paul Krugman think? It’s depressing for me to think about an empty Times Square! And, the GOP is hoping – praying – for this to fail so they can say "I told you so." Country first, my a$$!! More aid to states got back in. Do ya’ think Grandma Gov. TurkeyLover will take any money if it’s offered to her? I’m glad the Obama Administration isn’t paying too much attention to how much the market reacts since it was big – wigs at "the market" that got us into this mess in the first place. Why worry about what the people who f*cked up think? A Florida rep is letting Henrietta Hughes live in one of his houses. Wow, on the one hand, that was nice of him to do, but, on the other hand, ONE of his houses? Is he like Senator McCentury & doesn’t know how many he has?

StillBUSHED! "Deregulation – Gate" The CEO of the salmonella peanut plant pleaded the 5th today. "Sarcasm – Gate" There is a new Ben & Jerry’s flavor for President Obama but not one for GWB. DAMN! TOO BAD! "Leak – Gate" TurdBlossom is concerned about government leaks to the media, but he never did it. Yea...RIGHT!

WPITW – The Pirate Murdoch – owned Times of London article was less – than – forthcoming about a conflict of interest with the "journalist" that published the article about the doctor faking the research into the link between autism & vaccines. Keith apologized for getting the "facts/fat" quote from Pirate Murdoch wrong. Are people happy now?! ;D OK, when are FAUX News employees – I refuse to call them journalists – going to begin apologizing for the crap they screw up EVERY F*CKIN’ DAY? [insert crickets chirping here] Mr. Bull Snort is talking about Keith’s boss again; dude, I think he’s obsessed! An Ohio rep doesn’t know when the Great Depression began. Guess what? The Ohio rep is a Repub.

#1 "Re – Cantor" AKA "Ad Harmin’ Him" AKA "AFSCME & You" - Eric Cantor’s just brilliant; I hope he’s the future of the Republican party – he & Grandma Gov. Turkey Lover & Joe T. Plumber! Rep. Cantor’s been targeted in ads, and he didn’t take too kindly to said target. Rep. Cantor must have a similar potty mouth to a recently – impeached IL governor! I don’t ask this to besmirch the state of Ohio, but what’s in your damn water to give us the likes of Eric Cantor & John "Small Price to Pay" Boehner? Oh well, you gave us Dennis Kucinich, too, so that helps.

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